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Please be sure you are listening for audible tones from the audio alert indicator for starters. Many people watch the flashes on the remote. The audible trouble code does not coincide with the flashes on the remote, the remote just flashes continuously when the ELT is active in any way.  

To get an actual trouble code of 2 Beeps, you would hear 4 total beeps. Trouble codes are repeated so an actual 2 beep trouble code would consist of 2 Beeps, a pause, then 2 more beeps. People often mistake a one beep, pause one beep reply as a 2 beep error.

If you are actually receiving 2 beep error. (4 total beeps) then you want to check your battery. These lithium battery packs will show 12V even if they are completely dead. To properly check the battery you will need to put it under a load. 

A good battery should indicate over 11.6 volts with no load. Place a 7 Ohm 15 watt resistor across the battery terminals, the voltage should remain above 10 volts. Anything below this would constitute a low battery, and would need replacement. 

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